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We recently had Mike Deuel build out our unfinished basement of approximately 2200 square feet. We had just a few general ideas of what we wanted in our basement and Mike was the ideal person to work with on this project. Mike’s experience in building many houses proved very useful in coming up with many different ideas of how to incorporate all we wanted into our basement. The contractor who originally built our house had some “interesting” framing and air duct issues, etc. that Mike had to work around and he did a fantastic job. Our basement now has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a workout room, a game room, a food storage room, a large multi-purpose extended theatre/game/living room with a small kitchenette area, plus a beautiful homework station for our boys. Everyone that sees our basement continually comments on how beautiful it is and mostly how it doesn’t feel like a basement at all. We wish he was the one that built our entire home. Mike was always very accessible during this project and willing to work with us on anything. He dealt well with any changes we decided to make and helped us make decisions we were unsure of. We were pleased with the sub-contractors he chose as well. They were trustworthy and very helpful also. Our wood work is beautiful, the painters were great, the electrician was very accommodating, and we are excited about our intercom/theatre/technology installations. We are very pleased with the results. Our boys were unsure at first of moving into the basement, but as they saw the work progress, that uncertainty quickly turned into excitement. We would definitely recommend Mike Deuel for any home building project to anyone we know. If there any questions, we are open to talk with anyone or show them the beautiful work Mike did for us.

-The Walker's

Thanks for coming by the house today and solving the electrical outlet problem. It’s been 2 years since you finished building the house and you still are there to take care of any questions or problems we have. What an extended warranty! If you ever need to provide a reference on your skill and caring in building someone’s home just let me know. You jumped right in on getting the building process started on time and finished on or before time. You were upfront on material and subcontractor costs and there were no overruns. The billing process (pay as we built) was a great way for us to follow costs and construction progress. That was especially important to us since we were living on the East Coast while the house was being built. You spent a lot of time with us on those rare occasions we were in town discussing progress and next steps. As I remember we spent a lot of time with you driving us up and down the valley to visit vendors for flooring, hardware, plumping, and appliances. Your years as a general contractor paid off for us as you seemed to know everyone and every place to talk to about a making the inside and the outside of the house beautiful. Every time we said “Mike, what would you do”, you guided us down the right path. You suggested modifications to our original house plans that got us the best looking house in the subdivision, at least we think so. You had our full trust and confidence during our absentee home construction. Thanks again!

-The Roger's

We chose Shelby Homes from the great reviews from our friends. Mike was very attentive and helpful when discussing our plans. He always had the perfect knowledge of the business and construction. We are so impressed with Mike’s abilities and professionalism. I appreciate the fact that if I had a concern, Mike’s response was “no biggie”. I never worried about anything. Our house was built exactly the way we wanted. Even years after our house was completed, I can call Mike with any maintenance questions and he is always willing to help in any situation. Our experience with Shelby Homes was and continues to be an absolute joy!

-The Blake's

Mike Deuel, of Shelby Homes, constructed my new 8000 square foot home in Highland, Utah. It was completed in the middle of February 2015.

I have nothing but good to say of Mike and his team!

First, we absolutely love our home. Mike did a beautiful job! Everyone that stops by feels the same way.

Second, Mike was wonderful to work with. When he says his goal is to make his clients happy, he means it! Mike bent over backwards time and time again to work with us and the sub-contractors to the mutual benefit of all.

Mike is honest and keeps his commitments. He knows what he’s doing.

He works with the best sub-contractors who do wonderful work. He has a great system for managing communication with his clients and subs so that messages don’t get lost.

If I were to build again, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Mike to do it. But I can’t imagine building again because the home we have now is so wonderful.

Mike was recommended to us by a friend. We didn’t know him before. After our experience with him, we now consider Mike a friend, and we would recommend him to anyone.

- The Curtis'

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mike Deuel and Shelby Custom Homes on two occasions. The first was a commercial build out for my business. The second was a remodel on my home after a flood had caused significant damage. When we decided to build a building for our business, the first builder I thought to use was Mike. I had known Mike for 4 years and had been impressed by him in the various interactions we’d had and was confident that he was a man of integrity. We solicited a few bids for the building based upon our needs and Mike won the bid. He didn’t win the bid based solely on price, he won the bid because his price was competitive AND he was able to show us what we were getting. Mike handled everything about the build process in a professional manner. We had a 30 day window to complete the process and Mike was able to keep all of the sub-contractors on schedule. When we had a couple of questions about sub-contractors work, we questioned Mike only to find that he’d already contacted the sub-contractors and the repair was scheduled. It was refreshing to know that Mike “had our back” and expected his sub-contractors to do the same. I spoke to most of the sub-contractors throughout the process and each had worked with Shelby Custom Homes numerous times. They had great respect for Mike and enjoyed working for him because he was honest with them and treated them fairly. Mike expected quality work from each sub-contractor and worked with each one to insure that the work represented Shelby Custom Homes and Mike properly. Because of the positive experience I’d had with Mike during the light commercial build, when I had construction needs again I knew to call Mike. The icemaker in our fridge broke in the middle of the night spilling 300+ gallons of water into my house. Mike helped me get the house back together in a quick, cost effective manner. We saved significant money working with Mike because of his knowledge of the industry and various contacts. I can recommend Shelby Custom Homes and Mike Deuel without any reservations. Mike is professional and honest. His standards are high; he expects a lot of himself and those that work for him. Customer satisfaction is not an issue because Mike’s standards are so high and his price so competitive. You will be glad you chose Shelby Custom Homes as your builder.

-The Taylor's

I am pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for Mike Deuel and Shelby Homes. As a preface, I have made my living for the last thirty-five years through contractors and my experience building a home with Mike puts him at the top of the list.

Mike and his sub-contractors did beautiful work in a timely manner and with an eye to detail. We have been impressed with Mike’s aesthetic abilities and have valued his input. That said, it was especially gratifying to know that he listened to us and was particularly sensitive to my wife’s input. After tuning into what we were trying to achieve in any given situation he did what was necessary to produce the desired outcome.

The challenge of building in the master-planned Stone Gate community bears mentioning as well. The design and construction criteria are detailed and rigid. There are also stringent requirements for maintaining a clean construction site with low impact on existing residents. Mike has made such a favorable impression on the master developer that they are pleased he will be building other homes in the community.

I can recommend Mike Deuel and Shelby Homes without reservation and trust that his finished product and professionalism will be an asset.

-The Swensen's

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